Boulder County Extended Business Closure until May 8, 2020

Public Health Order 20-29 prohibits the use from doing any procedures that create an aerosol

In effect until midnight, May 26, 2020

On April 26th Governor Polis signed a new Executive Order defining our scope of practice 

Colorado Public Health issued new regulations stating that dental practices can not

performing any procedures that omit aerosols until midnight, May 26th.

Routine dental care will commence on May 27, 2020

We would like to share some of these guidelines with you and let you know what additional steps we have taken to keep you and our team safe.

 We are available for any dental emergencies and/or virtual consultations if needed.  Over the next month, we will be modifying our dental practices to ensure your safety.

If you are considered a “Vulnerable Individual” (per the CDC guidelines) and are NOT experiencing a dental emergency (pain, swelling, etc.), 

we strongly recommend that you postpone any dental care for another month.

If you do not fit into that category, we have been instructed to be selective regarding what dental treatment we perform;

 if treatment can be delayed, we should do so.  However, patients with active periodontal disease should be seen.

Extra Safety Precautions:

We have implemented new protocols that are required guidelines by the CDC to ensure your safety.

*  Social Distancing – at least 6 feet when not being treated

*  Phone screening before we schedule appointments

*  Take temperatures (100.4 no go), rinsing with antibacterial solution before appointments and washing hands

*  Altering appointment times to allow time for extra disinfecting processes.\

*  Requiring all team members to wear extra PPE (gowns, head covering, N95 masks, face shields, etc..).

*  Screening of all employees before the start of each shift and at the end of the day.

*  Washing before and after treating a patient

*  Requiring all team members to go through additional and updated OSHA training

We are available if you have a dental emergency 
Thank you and we wish you and your families well!
Sunrise Dental Care